Christmas Party Themes

Classic Christmas Party Food

Not planning a menu ahead may have you frantically scrambling around on the day of your party instead of resting and waiting for guests to arrive. Prevent this from happening by having some classic party food in stock as soon as November hits.

  1. Baked Cheese

Serving cheese and crackers is classic at parties. Make it a bit more festive by baking the cheese! Grab some Camembert and make slits on the surface of the cheese. Stick in some thinly sliced garlic and fresh thyme. Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil and sprinkle some black pepper on top. Tie it up in parchment paper and bake for 10 minutes in an oven that was pre-heated to 200 degrees. This literally takes 10 minutes to do, and you can serve it with crackers or bread sticks. If you have lots of people coming over, make sure you make several!

  1. Dip

Plain chips are a standard at all parties. What you have to do is create a special dip which goes with it. Some great dips to try are crab meat, artichoke, or spinach. Make sure you grate a good amount of cheese on top, and bake your dips in the oven so everything melts and molds together. You can also choose to serve this with toasted pieces of French bread.

  1. Cupcakes or Pie

What's a party without some sweets? If you're not a baker, buy some Christmas cupcakes; there has to be at least one for each guest. Not a fan of cupcakes? Then serve some pie! There are plenty of places which serve apple pie. You can reheat it, slice it up and serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Perfect!

  1. Eggnog

What's Christmas without Eggnog? You may have a family recipe of your own, but if you don't there are tons of recipes you can use online! There are even plenty of variations to suit just about anyone's taste.

If you're serving dinner, be sure to have a simple meat dish and some vegetables. Usually, people stuff themselves with canapes or appetizers that they don't eat much dinner, but it's good to offer your guests that option. A roasted duck with some steamed or buttered vegetables, or roasted pork with a salad are two options that are festive, but simple.

Stocking up on some basic Christmas party food as soon as Thanksgiving rolls around is a good idea. Even if people drop in for a visit unexpected, you will never have to worry about having nothing to serve. You can even do a lot of your shopping on Black Friday. Some grocery stores and supermarkets join the mall sales, so you can get some great deals!

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